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ONO Smartphone 3D Printer

New ONO Video Claims To Show 5.2 Cm Tall Structure 3D Printed in 2.5 Hours

ONO, the smartphone based, highly portable and affordable 3D printer Kickstarter project, still has not begun shipping to its huge number of supporters (that is scheduled for a few weeks from now), however the team is showing off a video that shows the printer creating a reticular 5.2 cm tall structure in just 2.5 hours, using a mid-range Android phone.

The object takes up almost the full printing area (120 x 66 x 50 mm) with the use of 46.8 ml of castable resin. During the whole printing time, the phone was not once connected to a charger and used less than half of the fully charged battery, so you can really use ONO on the go!

Although the support for the ONO crowd-funding campaign was overwhelming many – including us at 3D Printing Business Media – are skeptical as to the real possibilities of the smartphone based 3D printer to deliver in terms of reliability and quality, especially since we have never seen the machine actually working, even at the Maker Faire Rome where it was on display.

As for many crowd funding campaigns that make very attractive promises, whether the ONO team will deliver the machine on time to all its crowdfunders is also unclear. However, unlike other projects that prommised to simply cut the costs of technologies and systems, ONO is actually offering something entirely different.

Using a light source to photopolymerize a photopolymer is only part of the challenge: ensuring that the engineering and software of the machine works consistently as it should is a whole other ballgame. Nevertheless, at such a low price, the Kickstarter supporters surely realize that they are accepting to play the game together with the ONO development team.

For sure time-lapse video showing the whole process, using an open-sided ONO, is impressive and worth showing off:

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