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Open Source EBM System to Be Developed in Sweden by Freemelt

Freemelt is a Swedish startup founded in January 2017 that is working on developing an open source EBM powder-bed 3D printer, giving the user full beam control for process development. The company intends to design the small electron based system to meet the specific needs of universities and research institutes.

A schematic of Arcam’s EBM technology

If the project will come to fruition, it would be the world’s first open source electron beam AM system, designed for R&D in advanced metallic materials. According to Ulrich Ljungblad, the company’s CEO – and former Arcam AB System Development and External Projects Manager, the manufacturing industry has an ever-growing need for new and more advanced materials. While such materials often are difficult or even impossible to produce with conventional technologies, Additive Manufacturing can provide unique solutions for this.

While laser based powder bed fusion metal additive manufacturing is already offered by several OEM’s (and the numbers is constantly growing), electron beam based powder bed fusion of metals is offered today only by Arcam AB, which also produces metal powder through AP&C and medical implants through DiSanto Technologies. The “entry level” Arcam Q10 systems, however, start at several hundred thousand dollars.

We have contacted Freemelt CEO Ulrich Ljungblad and we’ll have more for you on this potentially disruptive story as it develops.







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