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Janne Kyttanen

Gallery ALL Showcasing Pivotal Works by Janne Kyttanen at Collective Design Fair in NYC

Gallery ALL will be showcasing pivotal works by 3D pioneer Janne Kyttanen at the 5th Collective Design Fair in New York. The Finnish-born digital artist — who has been featured in TIME Magazine’s “Design 100” — is best known for his influential work with 3D printing. The Collective Design Fair aims to illuminate both the creative process and the diversity of our material culture, whilst promoting a spirit of discovery for both new and seasoned collectors.

Gallery ALL will be unveiling the new Sedona Lounge Table, exhibited alongside two works from Kyttanen’s Avoid collection:

Sedona Lounge Table

This mirror-finish stainless steel lounge table is the newest addition to the Sedona collection. Inspired by the infamous red rocks of Sedona, the form references the peaks and plateaus of Sedona’s unique sandstone formations. This design has a strong silhouette and delicate, organic triangular detailing.

Avoid stool

A rhodium-plated 3D printed stool, featuring an intricate and complex diamond structure. The form of this piece is influenced by Lie sphere geometry, a geometrical theory in which the fundamental concept is the sphere. In Lie sphere geometry all lines should be regarded as spheres of infinite radius and points in the plane should be regarded as spheres of zero radius.

Avoid Chandelier

An extraordinary oversized light feature. The Avoid Chandelier is a glowing circular light fixture featuring an intricate diamond structure. The form of this design is influenced by Lie sphere geometry. Measuring 1.5m in diameter, this opulent sculptural piece provides warm illumination in even the most monumental of spaces.

Each piece conveys Kyttanen’s unique design aesthetic, which references forms found in the natural world and beyond. All of the limited edition works on display at Gallery ALL will be available for purchase.

The Collective Design Fair will be running from May 3rd to May 7th, 2017.

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