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Print the Future (Self) Acquires Kabuni 3D Printing and Design Studio

Canadian 3D printing design studio Kabuni has been acquired by Print The Future – a visionary company making Ideas on Demand a reality through 3D printing. With a vision to roll out hundreds of retail stores worldwide and a creating a thriving online hub, this acquisition will allow Kabuni’s creative community to be at the forefront of the 3D Printing revolution.

Kabuni was started in 2013 because to improve the experience of living, whether that means championing great design, developing community spirit, showcasing sustainable products, or supporting local charities. Its goal is to make a positive impact by making design accessible to everyone by changing the perception that it’s elitist or exclusive, and attracting socially conscious people who want to do good in their community.

In 2017, Kabuni’s founder, Neil Patel, realized that through exponential technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics and 3D printing, design could become even more widely accessible. Through realizing the potentials of making Ideas on Demand readily available for the community, the studio was steered into the world of 3D printing, Print The Future was founded. Now that Print the Future acquired Kabuni the evolution can continue.

The first Kabuni Store in Vancouver, is to be refit as a multipurpose space that brings our community together – blending the online and the offline. It will offer a space to design, print, learn and network for anyone who wants to bring their ideas to life through 3D printing, from Interior Designers, Makers, Artists, 3D printing enthusiasts, students and many more.

Today, the passionate Kabuni team stretches from from North America to India, becoming a global 3D printing movement with supporters in every corner of the globe, each of us dedicated to making Ideas on Demand a reality.



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