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Steel 3D Printed Connection Ashtray is the Latest OTHR Spotlight Design

Few design marketplaces have been able to combine style and 3D printing processes as well as NYC based OTHR Connection Ashtray by Philippe Malouin, the latest addition to the OTHR collections is “an elemental expression of sophistication” Priced at $295 and crafted in 3D Printed Steel, tt comes in a matte black finish and it is, of course, a numbered Series.

“I was interested in the fact that OTHR are a production company working with 3D printing,” said Malouin. “I think that’s what drew me in really, because not a lot of people are focusing on 3D printing right now—standard manufacturing techniques seem to reign supreme. I thought OTHR had come up with a very clever project that I ultimately wanted to be a part of.”

Connection Ashtray is part of a collection conceived as a series of simple, thin, everyday objects focusing on the 3D printed techniques as shape creation. It has the look and feel of old cast iron, but with the exact precision and features that can only be achieved with modern technology.

Canada native Philippe Malouin’s diverse portfolio ranges from tables to chairs to art objects to installations. Philippe has studied at ENSCI and University of Montreal in addition to his alma mater, Design Academy Eindhoven. With clients including Hem, Ace Hotel, and Established & Sons, Philippe creates conceptual designs that balance finesse, functionality and a fondness for risk.



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