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SUNY Stony Brook University Opens iCreate 3D Printing Facility


During the winter semester, SUNY Stony Brook University made a lot of changes to its Innovation Lab facilities! One of these is the new 3D printing self service station in the Innovation Lab, a new digital media center, which was rebranded as iCREATE.

The 3D printing self service station is for students to print objects without having to wait for the 3D print team to run them through the waiting list. Self service 3D printing is meant for trained innovation lab members to 3D print on their own on the four up mini printers. In order to use the self service station students must be certified to do so and can only get certified by iCreate staff.

The facility also integrates a new digital media center. This station has four go-pro’s that are available to rent out in three hour increments, as well as a DLSR camera, also available to rent.

The Innovation Lab is the main center for all different ideas and concepts to come to life. We provide the SBU Community with access to a wide array of tools in a clean and safe environment. While being open during the school day, we also provide workshops to learn more about different things we do here. Check out our other facilities to at the Innovation Design Studio and Innovation VHub to get more access to innovative tools and workspaces.




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